Why Outdoor Sessions?

You’ve heard me state in prior blog posts that I do not maintain a full indoor studio. Nothing against the photographers that do, it’s just not my style at the moment.


First, let me ask you this: do you have a special place that is meaningful to you? A place that tells a story about your life? Well, then let’s shoot there! If you need ideas I have a few places I always lean towards when it comes to my outdoor photography sessions. Feel free to come back later when I share a few other blog posts about some of my favorite venues to go to.


You may have asked yourself from time to time, Why Outdoor Sessions? This blog post will touch on a few reasons why outdoor sessions are great and why I love them!


Outdoor sessions provide much better lighting; one of the best forms of lighting comes from the sun. There is no comparison to artificial light (not really that is). Some of the best places out there provide the greatest props! One example is local state parks that have rose gardens. There is something about a rose garden that is in full bloom at the right time of the year that makes wonderful backdrop for a photo session for any occasion. There are so many unlimited options available to you that all it takes is a some brainstorming at your consultation appointment.


One final piece of advice….when scheduling your outdoor sessions, talk to your photographer on when the best times of the day are and how to prepare. My advice would be right at dusk when before the sun rises or right when it is rising or at night for what we call “golden hour”, which is right around the time the sun is setting. This is crucial during the scorching hot summer days we experience here in New England 🙂


And yes, of course in the event of bad weather (raining, snow, etc.) we can definitely reschedule!

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