Why I Rebranded My Business to My Own Name

Six years ago, I decided I wanted to start a photography business that hopefully be the most talked about photography business out there.

You probably know that business as “MemoirsByMoniquie Photography.”


But what you may not know, six years ago, I started MBM as a different person.


At the time, I had someone telling me I should go into business for myself doing something I obviously felt so passionate about doing. I told myself I was content, earning enough money from my full-time job as a corporate employee in the insurance industry, all the while trying to put a 5-year plan in motion on where I wanted to be by a certain time.


So, I decided to launch my photography business part-time and if it evolved into something bigger as this individual indicated it would be, then I would leave my corporate living life as I have known for a brief period and pursue photography on a full-time basis.


And yet, while putting everything I had into the launch of my photography business….it was one of the most uncertain moments of my adult life.


I wasn’t ready to be seen, heard or even taken seriously. I found myself feeling undeserving of anyone coming across my business, so it was much easier to hide behind a name different than my own.


The more I put into my business with website, social media platforms, pricing, etc. started increasing my followers and on occasion client inquiries. And I would keep telling myself that this was going to be epic! I continued my day job in the insurance industry and at night when I got home, I poured as much of me into my photography business as my energy level would allow me to.


So, late in October of 2017, in what felt like one of the terrifying and unknown moments of my life, I changed my brand name from “MemoirsByMoniquie Photography,” to simply, “Endia Moniquie Photography.”


The MBM name meant so much to me over the years-like the individual who helped me come up with the name-and it was a somber moment when I let that name retire.

My sincere hope is that in deciding to stop hiding behind something else…. a small part of you will feel encouraged enough to stop hiding, too.


I also struggled with the fact that “MemoirsByMoniquie Photography” was ambiguous. It didn’t have a face or a heart to connect to people. To me, the name started to feel like nothing more than a way to make extra money on the side, rather than something that is strong and sophisticated.


Some would think that changing my business name to my own name would mean that I was making things all about “me.” But it’s not; it’s the unconfident woman from six years ago talking – she was trying to keep me hidden.


Some of the best leaders in the world unify people under their own name and vision. And my vision? To give you simple, strong and at times sophisticated images that you can display on the walls of your home, the desks at your place of employment and most importantly hand to family and friends.


So, this name change? It’s about us.


It’s about empowering ourselves to be seen and to be vulnerable.


It’s about choosing to share our best talents and gifts with the world, even if it scares the absolute crap out of us.


Yay! I hope you love it, friends 🙂

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